Weld Metal Mesh, Foil, and Sheets.

Weld metal mesh with, foils and sheets with resistance seam welding (RSEW) technology.  Resistance seam welding (RSEW) is a type of resistance welding where a circular electrode is “rolled” on overlapping surfaces. As the electrode wheel passes over the area, individual or continuous welds are made by the pressure force of the hand piece and the passing of an electric current through the workpiece.

Roll spot welding is common in several industries for applications where you weld metal mesh or weld varying types of mesh, foil, or other sheet products.


It all starts with the power supply.

Weld metal mesh with the AC 5kVA is the workhorse behind the system that allows for welding continuous or spot welds on all sorts of mesh, foil, and other sheet materials.


pasp roll hand attachment

A Handpiece and roll spot accessory completes the system.

With the addition of a PG2 and roll spot wheel, you know have everything you need to start roll spot welding.

Watch These Roll Spot Welding Examples