250i2 EV Copper Tab Battery Welder

The system that is revolutionizing battery packs.

The 250i2 EV is perfect for welding copper tabs on battery packs.  The 250i2 EV has a new design to give superior performance. This newest update takes all of the great features from our previous EV copper tab battery welder, and adds to it a new motorized weld head for greater control, precision, and uniformity to every weld. The power supply has also been upgraded to offer superior control and fine-tunabilty to guarantee the perfect weld can be achieved.  Manufacturers can produce lighter, more compact, and more efficient battery packs without compromising power or capacity.

One of the biggest challenges when welding EV batteries is finding a welder capable of welding highly conductive metals such as copper and aluminum. Inside a lithium-ion battery are various copper and/or aluminum components that carry the electrical current (such as buss bars). These components are commonly joined to either similar or dissimilar materials to facilitate the electric current. If the joint is not made properly, there is a potential for voltage drops due to the resistance between the two pieces.  The 250i2 EV welder is capable of overcoming some of these challenges, thus opening new doors in the world of EV battery welding, specifically by being able to weld copper tabs to battery cans.

Features and Benefits of the Sunstone 250i2 EV Copper Tab Battery Welder:

  • Solderless Connections – The metals are fused together at the weld spot for a continuous connection and no voltage drops.
  • Clean Weld Spots – During the welding process, surface contaminates are burned off, allowing for strong, clean welds.
  • Weld Dissimilar Metals – Sunstone Spot Welders can weld any combination of metals, such as Copper to Aluminum.
  • Small Heat Affected Zone – The heat affected zone (HAZ) is very small and very localized to ensure no degradation to the battery. The 250i2 provides enough energy to make the weld without affecting the integrity of the cell.


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