Hot Bar Pulse Heat Systems


Our hot bar pulse heat units are designed to solder electric components.  These systems consists of a reflow head which holds down the object and applies pressure and force while the pulse heat power supply then applies the current.

Pulse heating is an instantaneous heating method.  Electric current is released from the power supply and then applied to a heater tip.  The heater tip heats ups by resistance and the heat then melts the solder.  When the solder has melted, the current is turned off, and the solder is cooled. Once the solder has cooled completely, the heater tip is raised up away from the work piece.

Because the reflow head applies and maintains pressure on the work piece until the solder has hardened, highly reliable joining without lifting up can be achieved.

We offer multiple pulse heat power supplies, various reflow heads, and many different heater tips.  Contact us to further discuss your specific requirements.

Advantages of the hot bar pulse heat systems:

  • This method is most suitable for reliable soldering and thermo-compression bonding because heating and cooling are done while applying pressure
  • Good repeatability of heating temperature and time requires no skilled workers
  • Partial heating in short time allows to reduce thermal damages
  • Great for working with lead-free soldering