Gold Ribbon Bonding or Gold wire Welding is a common practice in the manufacturing of microelectronics. Commonly used to create a connection or bond between a chip and a substrate. This process can also be used to accomplish a Chip to Chip Connection. Gold Ribbon Bonding is a highly technical process due to the microscopic wire used as small as 10 microns. Sunstone has developed several solutions that can help you accomplish your Gold Ribbon Bonding Application. Including Ball creation & ball bonding, ball bonding to chip, and stitch bond to a substrate. 

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Gold Ribbon Bonding

Linear DC welder

Linear DC Power Supply

Sunstone’s most advanced Resistance welding system. With the power of an HF Inverter, but the Control and low-end welding capabilities of a Linear DC. The Linear DC includes advanced features that allow for current monitoring, Touch Screen Controls, Saved settings, and handpiece and foot pedal activation.

Micro tig welding

Orion 200i² Welding System

The Orion 200i² welding system is the most advanced Pulse Arc welding system. With the ability to weld extremely small wires, up to large thick molds the Orion 200i² can weld the broadest range of applications. 

Micro-Weld Head

Ideal For very fine and delicate wires, the micro weld head provides a very precise amount of force that allows for welding without over pressuring the weld site. Ideal for magnet wires, and thermal compression welding, as well as Micro Parallel gap welding and Micro, Opposed welding. 

DPHP Micro

DPHP Micro

Dual Probe Hand Piece Micro holds thermal compression electrodes and allows for the completion of welds as small as .0001″. Allows for easy access to hard to reach areas, and gives you the freedom to operate by hand. A more affordable alternative to the Micro Weld Head.


PG5M – Micro Tweezer Hand Piece

Pressure Actuated Single Probe Hand Piece. Force is equally essential as energy in resistance welding. The use of a pressure actuated handpiece allows for consistent pressure with each weld. Allowing for optimal welding results, with the freedom of a handpiece. This is the primary feature of the PG5M – Pressure Actuated Micro-Tweezer.