Cross wire welding is a very common welding application used in many everyday products and devices. It is one of the most common non-automotive applications for resistance spot welding.

Some common cross wire welding applications are heating elements, baskets and cages, and fences. In addition, cross wire welding is used to weld reinforcing mesh found in buildings, roads, tunnels, concrete, and prefabricated components.

Other applications include nanoscale cross wire welding for micro-scale joints found in many electronic appliances. Sunstone Engineering designs and manufactures various different welding solutions to meet your specific cross wire welding needs. Contact us for further information concerning your application and needs.

cross wire welding


  • Heating Elements
  • Mesh Reinforcements
  • Micro-Scale Joints
  • Baskets and Cages
  • Wire Grates
  • Fences

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Video Information

The WH1125A weld head is configured with an 1/8″ copper upper electrode that has been notched at the tip to accept the 0.044″ wire diameter. The lower electrode is a copper grounding plane. The force setting is increased to 15lbs to help squeeze the steel together and help alleviate weld splash.

The CDDP 600 is set to 90ws total energy for the T316L and T317L annealed samples. Pulse 1 is set to 9ws energy (10%) and is used to clean the weld area of contaminants before the main weld discharge (pulse 2). Pulse 2 is set to 81ws energy for a strong weld nugget. We pulsed a flow of argon from one side during the weld to demonstrate the difference that can be seen when oxygen is removed from the weld site.

The Hard T316L wire samples were welded at a slightly higher setting of 120ws total energy, 12ws pulse 1, and 108ws pulse 2. Even with argon flowing these welds did not look as clean as the annealed stainless steel samples. All the welds have good pull strength and the notch in the upper electrode helps to minimize wire deformation during the weld.


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