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Military Lab Projects

Military Lab Projects

100% Reliability from R&D to Prototype to Production

Militaries of all nationalities have tapped Sunstone to help them find cutting edge welding solutions. So much so that Sunstone can navigate your organization’s acquisition and procurement systems. At the front line, with life is on the line, you can count on a Sunstone micro welder to deliver a reliable weld time and time again.

Precise Energy Control for Expanded Flexibility

The needs of your military lab or military project may be unique. Sunstone’s micro-welding specialists have experience with exotic metal combinations, aerospace engine sensors, nuclear fuel rod assemblies, solar panel cells, instrumentation, turbine component welding, honeycomb tack welding, and more!

What are you welding today? Call or text us at +1-801-658-0015.

Military Welding Applications:

  • Battery Pack Welding
  • Instrumentation
  • Exotic Metals
  • Military Laboratory Projects
  • Other Sensitive Applications
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  • Micro Resistance - Advanced Dual Pulse CD Spot Welder
    • $8,300.00
  • Orion mPulse Pulse Arc Welders - For smaller studios
    • $2,300.00
  • Dado Laser Welder
    • $0.00
  • Linear DC
    • $0.00
  • PA250i Micro TIG Welder
    • $15,000.00
  • The Pico™ - DC Closed-loop Feedback Resistance Welder
    • $10,000.00
  • Sunstone Welders Jacket
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    • $40.00
  • Sunstone Welders T-Shirt
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    • $20.00
  • Mini Grip
    • $1,500.00