Hot Bar Reflow System

The AV TCW contains many features to help the Hot Bar Reflow Soldering process. High-Reliability Joining, Variable Temperature Profile, High Reproducibility, and Ample Monitoring Functions just to name a few.

Hot Bar Reflow System Features:

  • High Reliability Joining – Because heating and cooling takes place while the pressure is being applied, the work position is not shifted during joining.
  • Variable Temperature Profile – Because the heating is local and instantaneous, thermal impact to the peripheral components is restrained.
  • High Reproducibility – Digital PID control enables good reproducibility of temperature and time. As a result, no skill of the operator is required
  • Pb Free Compatible – Pb free solder is accommodated by setting to high temperature and long heating time
  • User Interface – RS-232C&I/O is standard equipped, making the unit easy to be connected to external equipment such as incorporating into an automated system
  • Ample Monitoring Functions – Temperature monitoring: Upper and lower limit (average, peak), Profile detection error: Over-heat, Thermocouple disconnection, etc
  • Other Standard Functions – Number of stored settings: 15, Head vertical and cooling air control signal, Auxiliary thermocouple input, Counter function

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