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Engrave - Mark - Cut

Engrave - Mark - Cut

Today you cant go anywhere without seeing something that has been engraved, marked or cut with some sort of laser technology. Engraving, marking, and cutting is essential in todays manufacturing. Mark and cut on uneven surfaces. Mark any metal object. Engrave photos, logos, trademarks and texts, even with uneven surfaces.

  • Engravings on rings, bracelets, medallions and flat surfaces
  • Engravings on uneven surfaces with up to 40 mm irregularity
  • Excavation in layers and bas-reliefs in 3D
  • Engraving of photographs, names, designs and logos, including trademarks
  • Engravings on watch faces and eyewear of any metal material
  • Manual cutting of the individual piece, or automation for mass production


3D Engraving

Only achievable with a 3D Laser Welder. See 3D Laser page




3D Cutting

Only achievable with a 3D Laser Welder. See 3D Laser page

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  • Orion 3D Laser Engraver

    3D laser engravers – LZR ENG 3D
    – Available in a 20W, 30W, 40W, 50W, 70W, & 100W system –

    The evolution of the Orion LZR Engravers series now permits marking and cutting on uneven surfaces with the latest development, the LZR Engravers-3D, equipped with a dynamic automatic focus system. It can be used to mark any metal object, engrave photos, logos, trademarks and texts with maximum marking area of 180×180 mm and resolutions up to 30 μm, even with surface unevenness on the order of 40 mm from the highest point to the lowest point.

    Laser Engraver Datasheet

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  • Orion Pro Series Laser Engraver

    The Orion LZR ENG PRO Laser Engravers are the ideal laser products for cutting and marking. They can be used on any metal to engrave text, photographs, logos, and markings. The maximum marking area ranges from 60x60mm to 160x160mm depending on the lens. The standard lens offers a 110x110mm working area with a resolution of 26μm.

    Laser Engraver Datasheet

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  • Orion Eco Series Laser Engraver

    The Orion ECO Laser Engravers come in a 20W, 30W, or 50W system. They are affordable laser engravers and they are ideal for anyone from goldsmiths to industry professionals. Engrave photographs, names, designs, logos, or trademarks on rings, bracelets, medallions or any flat surface. Utilize an Orion ECO laser engraver to excavate layers or cut individual pieces for automation and mass production.

    Laser Engraver Datasheet

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  • Orion Nano Series Laser Engraver

    Affordable Laser Engraving – LZR ENG NANO Engravers
    – Available in a 20W and 30W system –

    The LZR ENG NANO is entry level in the field of engraving and marking but the ideal solution for small workshops. We wanted to satisfy the growing demand for goldsmiths and laboratories by creating a compact laser engraver/marker at an affordable price.

    Laser Engraver Datasheet

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