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Video Information

The WH1125A weld head was configured with an 1/8″ tungsten electrode in the upper holder and a copper grounding plane electrode in the lower holder.  The upper tungsten electrode tip was shaped into a wedge and a notch was cut out of the tip to help keep the stranded wires gathered during the weld.  The weld head was set to apply 15lbs force for all the welds performed.

The CD1000DPM2 welded the 18awg copper to the 0.100″ steel pins with pulse 1 set at 100ws energy, pulse 2 set at 350ws energy, and the total energy set at 800ws.  It is helpful to twist the stranded wires together as tightly as possible to keep the welds repeatable.  We placed two welds per wire to help reduce torsional failure.  A pull test was performed and the welds exceeded 50lbs force.  Peel test results are lower than the pull test results due to the compression of the wires but still exhibit good strength.

The CD1000DPM2 is ideal for welding these 18 gauge stranded wires to the tubular heating elements.  Welds are quick and easy to perform.


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