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Easily and Quickly Create Honeycomb Panels

The industries prefer the honeycomb strength-to-weight ratio and that lighter materials, like aluminum, titanium, Iconel®, and Hastelloy®, can be used in the production process. Sunstone’s welding technology easily fastens both similar and non-similar metals together, regardless of type of metal or thickness, to easily and quickly create honeycomb panels or cores.

Expanded Manufacturing Flexibility with a Sunstone

Depending on how the honeycomb panel will be used, a Sunstone micro welder can efficiently weld and manufacture the core structure. Or, with the ability to quickly tack and join the face sheets to tops and bottoms, a Sunstone micro welder can easily create a composite honeycomb sandwich panel. Sunstone’s honeycomb welder experts can help you choose the right solution.

Common Honeycomb Welding Applications

  • Core Honeycomb Lattice Welding
  • Seam Welding
  • Tacking Face Panels to Core Lattice
  • Honeycomb Sandwich Manufacturing

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  • High Power - Micro Resistance - Advanced CD Spot Welder

    Sunstone’s CD1200DP-A - high power - 1200ws - Dual Pulse - Industrial - Advanced - Capacitive Discharge Spot Welder offers many capabilities including weld monitoring, SPC tools, and a large capacitive touch-screen interface. The CD 1200 DP-A touch-screen interface provides easy access to all weld parameters. In addition, you get a visual of the weld waveform graph, weld histograms, alarms, warnings, and even on-screen documents and videos. For automated production settings, the welder has multiple PLC protocols. You can also set up multiple machines in a simplified way thanks to the clone feature. Cloning allows you to copy all your parameters/settings and easily export/import them to other machines.

    CDDP-A Welders Datasheet

    CDDP-A Welder User Manual

    • $12,900.00
  • PG2

    Pistol Grip Hand Piece with Button Trigger. Accepts threaded electrodes

    Hand Attachment Datasheet

    • $1,700.00
  • Opposed Weld Head

    The WH1 pneumatic opposed weld heads offer precision and repeatability at an affordable price. The WH1125A Opposed, MAC Valve Air-Actuated Weld Head comes with a foot pedal, trigger cable, and 1 AWG grounding cables.

    WH1 Weld Head Datasheet

    WH1 Weld Head User Manual

    • $3,700.00
  • Honeycomb Micro Welding Electrodes

    Flat Honeycomb Tack Welding Electrodes and Radius Honeycomb Tack Welding Electrode. For use with Sunstones micro welding attachments. Best used with welding honeycomb aerospace applications. .

    • $250.00
    • $15,500.00
  • Mini Grip

    The Sunstone Welders Mini Grip is a single probe micro welding handpiece that reduces operator fatigue due to its light weight and ease of use. It is the smaller Sunstone handpiece designed for light duty jobs!

    The Mini Grip Datasheet

    • $1,500.00