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Video Information

System: DCD320 – DC and CD resistance welder (high precision power supply)

MWH2000 – 2000g parallel gap micro weld head Thermo-compression electrode (flat rectangular tip) The MWH2000 parallel gap weld head is capable of using thermo-compression electrodes for situations requiring a weld through material such as magnet wire that can’t be grounded (polyimide coating). We used a tungsten thermo-compression electrode with a rectangular tip to weld the wires to the gold plated pads. We used double sided tape to keep the ceramic plate firm against the base. The force is set to 1500g for the welds pictured.

The DCD320 is set with pulse 1 off, pulse 2 at 45ms, and peak voltage at 2.0v to attach the 34awg magnet wires to the gold pads. These settings result in good weld strength and the tails can be removed using tweezers. Further experimentation with force, length and energy could yield even better results as you work with your product.

Summary: The DCD320 power supply and MWH1000 weld head provide operators with the ability to fine tune energy settings and weld durations for strong joints without damaging substrate material. Using thermo-compression electrodes enables the coated wires to be welded without being stripped first.


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