Brachy Seeds and Capsules

Bulbs, Tubes, & Lamps


Circut Board Traces

Coil Termination

Dissimilar Metal

Electronic Components

Electrical Connections

Electrical Fuse Welding

Exotic Metal Combinations


Fine Ribbon Welding


Fuel Injectors

Gold Ribbon Bonding


Gold Ribbon Bonding


Hearing Aids


Heating Elements


Hybrid Microwave Devices


Ignition Controls

Instrumentation welding



Interconnects welding






Medical/ Surgical Tool Repair


Military Lab Projects


Nuclear Fuel Rods


Ordinance Fuses


Orthodontic Appliances


PCB Boards


Pencil Coils


RF Devices

Hand welding mesh with a Micro Spot Welder


Seam Welding








Turbine Component Welding


cross wire welding


Cross Wire Welding


Fine Wire Welding


Guide Wires


Magnet Wire Bonding




Stranded Wire Preparations 


Wire Wound Potentiometers 

  • Small/Large Parts Manufacturing
  • Smart Cards
  • Solar Cells and Panels
  • Solenoids
    • ABS Solenoids
    • Solenoid Assemblies
    • Solenoids
  • Switches
    • Air Bag Initiators and Assemblies
    • Reed Switch Assemblies
    • Relays
    • Switch Controls
  • Transformer Coils
  • Turbine Component Welding
  • Turbine Engine Components
  • Wires


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