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Solar Panels & Cells

Solar Panels & Cells

Pushing the Boundaries in Solar Energy

As the call for responsible environmental thinking grows, renewable energy sources have become increasingly more important. Demand for renewable energy technology has made solar technology commonplace. While a Sunstone micro welder simplifies the solar cell welding process during production, they also help you repair and restring existing cells.

Precision Energy Control Generates More Efficient Energy

A Sunstone micro welder is an indispensable tool for kovar welding, battery pack welding, fine wire welding, stranded wire preparation, wire termination, magnet wire welding, solar cell connection strings, circuit board traces, and every type of electrical connection. If you’re in the business of building, installing, or repairing solar cells, a Sunstone micro welder must be a part of your repertoire of must-have equipment.

What are you welding today? Call or text us at +1-801-658-0015.

Work With Confidence Knowing Our Reputation

Here at Sunstone, we have the privilege to work with and provide welding solutions to some of the largest and most successful companies around the world.  Through our years of experience and work, we have developed and built the skills to help you with your application.

Solar Cell Welding Applications:

  • Solar Cell and Film Welding
  • Welding Conductors to Film Cells
  • Cell Tabbing
  • Electrical Connections
  • Kovar Welding
  • Stranded Wire Preparation
  • Wire Termination
  • Magnet Wire Welding
  • Solar Cell Connection – Strings
  • Circuit Board Traces
  • Electrical Connections
  • Battery Pack Welding/Manufacturing
  • Fine Ribbon Welding
  • Hybrid Microwave Devices
  • PCB Boards
  • Precision Welding
  • Research and Development Projects
  • Wires
    • Fine Wire Welding
    • Wire to Terminal Welding (Wire Termination)

What are you welding today? Call or text us at +1-801-658-0015.

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