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Welding Automation

Welding Automation

See How Sunstone Can Help Automate Your Welding

If you must move to automation to keep up with demand or remain competitive, we can help. 

Our advanced micro welding technology can be integrated into robotics or CNC tables that are faster and more efficient when it comes to manufacturing. Sunstone can design, build, and maintain an automated process for your current production process. And, of course, our technology encompasses all types of welding..

Sunstone Welding Automation Technology and Robotics

In the example above, a parallel configuration of Sunstone's Pro weld head has been attached to a robotic arm. Sunstone weld heads can also be attached to CNC tables as seen in the video above.

What you want is to add automation to your production process to boost production and reduce costs. So, let’s get started. Call and speak to one of our micro welding automation consultants at 801-658-0015.

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  • Āeon HF™ Inverter Welder

    The Āeon HF is an inverter welder with full production, closed-loop feedback with a wide power range. Built around an innovative duty cycle design, the Āeon HF can deliver more welds within a set time period. With dual pulse capability, the operator can control weld energy in millisecond increments during the upslope, weld, and downslope phase of the energy release cycle. The Āeon HF is currently available in a 2500A model.

    Patent Pending

    Āeon HF Data Sheet

    Āeon HF Users Guide

    Āeon HF Press Release

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