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Gold Ribbon Bonding

Gold Ribbon Bonding

Create Reliable Gold Ribbon Bonding with Sunstone

When you need to create a connection between a chip and a substrate, or make a chip to chip connection, using gold ribbon or wire choose a Sunstone micro welder. At only 10 microns, gold ribbon bonding requires technical control of weld energy levels. With Sunstone, you’ll appreciate the energy control and enjoy the resulting dependable connections.

Precision Energy Control for Added Flexibility

Digital energy control lets you dial in the exact amount of energy you need to create a reliable connection. Sunstone micro welders are also automation-ready, able to be a part of your manufacturing process. Speak with a Sunstone welding expert to learn more.

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Gold Ribbon Bonding or Gold wire Welding is a common practice in the manufacturing of microelectronics. Commonly used to create a connection or bond between a chip and a substrate. This process can also be used to accomplish a Chip to Chip Connection. Gold Ribbon Bonding is a highly technical process due to the microscopic wire used as small as 10 microns. Sunstone has developed several solutions that can help you accomplish your Gold Ribbon Bonding Application. Including Ball creation & ball bonding, ball bonding to chip, and stitch bond to a substrate. 

Please give us a call to discuss your technical application and find out how Sunstone Has a solution for you.

Gold Ribbon Bonding

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