Capacitive Discharge Spot Welder Upgrade Options

Optional Upgrades on Sunstone CD Welders

Our CD spot welders are perfectly designed to be robust and versatile for a large variety of applications and uses. In addition, we offer some optional upgrades for those customers who may have additional requirements for their particular project needs. We offer the following CD welder upgrades:

  • Roll-Spot Mode
  • High-Precision Energy Adjustment
  • Lock-Out Mode
  • PLC Ready Mode
  • Multi-Pulse Mode

Roll-Spot Mode

The Roll-Spot mode is an upgrade that will turn your CD welder into a seam welder, similar to an AC seam welder. The main difference between the CD Roll-Spot mode and a true AC seam welder is that the CD Roll-Spot mode makes a series of welds in a close succession, whereas the AC will continuously deliver energy to the weld spot. The Roll-Spot upgrade is ideal for projects needing multiple welds in close proximity yet not needing a true hermetic seal. Watch a Roll-Spot Welding Video. Available on CD200DPCD400DPCD600DPCD1000DP.

High-Precision Energy Adjustment

This upgrade allows for additional energy adjustment and fine-tunability. The standard CD welders can be adjusted from 0-30 watt-seconds by 1.0 watt-second increments. The High-Precision Energy Adjustment upgrade will allow the energy to be controlled by 0.1 watt-seconds from 0-15 watt-seconds, by 0.2ws from 15-35ws, by 0.2ws from 15-50ws, and by 1ws from 50-Max ws energy. For high-precision weld energy control, this upgrade is a must. Available on CD200DPCD400DPCD600DPCD1000DP.

Lock-Out Mode

The Lock-out mode is an available upgrade that will lock the weld settings and prevent any changes to be made. Once the desired weld settings are found, an operator can lock the settings, not allowing for any changes or modifications by other users, until the original operator unlocks the current settings. This upgrade helps ensure repeatability and compliance to strict procedures and protocol. Available on CD200DPCD400DPCD600DPCD1000DP.

PLC Ready Mode

This upgrade makes the welders ready to interface with a PLC controller. This upgrade is most helpful for applications and processes that are already configured around a PLC in an automation or assembly line setup. Available on CD200DPCD400DPCD600DPCD1000DPLinear DC.

DCD Multi-Pulse Mode

The Multi-Pulse upgrade allows users to initiate up to 5 welds in a row, with only one trigger actuation. Users can set the voltage and duration of each pulse. The effect of delivering multiple pulses in one single weld actuation is a deeper penetration of the weld energy and a stronger weld spot formation. The results will give you stronger welds, with greater reliability. Available on Linear DC.

To learn more about how any of these customization options can enhance your operation or to discuss your application with one of our qualified Welding Consultants, please Contact Us.