Some welding applications require the flexibility and versatility of handpiece welding attachments. Hand attachments include Spot welder guns, poke welding attachments. Handheld attachments allow welding of complex geometries that would require expensive fixturing when using conventional weld heads.

Handheld attachments, weld gun or spot weld guns provide a way for laboratories and businesses to lower their overall weld system costs. In general, welding attachments are easy to use, require low maintenance, and provide a great deal of flexibility for small production runs or research environments.

Sunstone handheld weld attachments provide users with the ideal welding solution for their specific application and needs. Available handpieces include single probe handpieces, dual probe handpieces, tweezer style handpieces, pressure actuated single probe handpieces, and pressure actuated tweezer-style attachments. Technical data and specifications for each weld attachment are found on each handpiece respected page. Click on the handpiece to learn more.