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Ultra Precision for Reliability and Safety

An efficient solution for automotive welding starts here! Whether you’re building ignition controls, instrumentation, O2 sensors, potentiometers, solenoids, battery packs, or motor assemblies, only Sunstone delivers a level of accuracy and reliability equal to your reputation. For automotive welding, when passenger safety is paramount, choose a Sunstone micro welder to create a dependable weld time and time again.

Maximum Energy Control for Expanded Flexibility

Sunstone micro welders let you dial in the exact amount of energy required for any application: cross wire welding, bench-top production line welding, electric vehicle power cells, electronic components, and more! Sunstone’s energy management features let you tackle any micro-welding challenge, from fuel injector welding to airbag initiators to electrical fuses.

What are you welding today? Call or text us at +1-801-658-0015.

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  • Āeon HF™ Inverter Welder

    The Āeon HF is an inverter welder with full production, closed-loop feedback with a wide power range. Built around an innovative duty cycle design, the Āeon HF can deliver more welds within a set time period. With dual pulse capability, the operator can control weld energy in millisecond increments during the upslope, weld, and downslope phase of the energy release cycle. The Āeon HF is currently available in a 2500A model.

    Patent Pending

    Āeon HF Data Sheet

    Āeon HF Users Guide

    Āeon HF Press Release

    • $0.00
  • Micro Resistance - Advanced Dual Pulse CD Spot Welder

    The CDDP-A Dual Pulse Advanced Capacitive Discharge Spot Welder comes in a 200, 400, and 600ws power option.

    CDDP-A Welders Datasheet

    CDDP-A Welder User Manual

    • $8,500.00
  • The Pico™ - DC Closed-loop Feedback Resistance Welder

    The Sunstone Pico DC is a closed-loop feedback direct-current, resistance welder for fine welding with force and displacement monitoring. Call +1 801-658-0015

    Pico Data Sheet

    Pico DC User Manual

    Pico DC Press Release

    • $10,500.00
  • High Power - Micro Resistance - Advanced CD Spot Welder

    Sunstone’s CD1200DP-A - high power - 1200ws - Dual Pulse - Industrial - Advanced - Capacitive Discharge Spot Welder offers many capabilities including weld monitoring, SPC tools, and a large capacitive touch-screen interface. The CD 1200 DP-A touch-screen interface provides easy access to all weld parameters. In addition, you get a visual of the weld waveform graph, weld histograms, alarms, warnings, and even on-screen documents and videos. For automated production settings, the welder has multiple PLC protocols. You can also set up multiple machines in a simplified way thanks to the clone feature. Cloning allows you to copy all your parameters/settings and easily export/import them to other machines.

    CDDP-A Welders Datasheet

    CDDP-A Welder User Manual

    • $12,900.00
    • $15,500.00