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Every Dental Lab Needs a Micro Welder! Here’s Why...

True, 3D scanners and printers have stormed the profession. But not every 3D-printed appliance is perfect for the patient. With a micro welder from Sunstone, you can quickly and easily make adjustments to create the perfect fit. You’ll quickly complete repairs of metal bridges, noble metal crowns, casting porosity, and other dental appliance failures. Repair work is efficiently completed with a Sunstone micro welder in your lab.

Choose Laser or Pulse Arc Technology

Only Sunstone lets you choose a laser or pulse arc solution for about the same price! It’s true: Sunstone’s Dado delivers the precision and simplicity you expect from laser technology for a fraction of the cost! Sunstone’s Orion line of pulse arc micro welders also provide the dental lab with the precision and power for any case.

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LZB Orion LZR Benchtop Laser Welder
  • $0.00
ORS Orion 150s Pulse Arc Welder - Our best selling model!
  • $5,900.00
LZDADO Dado Laser Welder Only 8 left in stock.
  • $5,200.00
OR200I Orion 200i Pulse Arc Welder - For those that want it all!
  • $8,400.00
LZB35 Orion LZR35 Benchtop Laser Welder
  • $0.00