Affordable Mold and Die Repair

Mold and Die Repair
Mold and Die Repair
Mold and Die Repair

Affordable Mold & Die Repair is Possible!

When it came to mold & die repair, we’ve always had the tools to get the job done. We continue to offer 4 pulse arc models that vary in price and power. Today, however, we’re adding a new Laser product perfect for mold & die repair work.

Introducing the Orion Open Laser Welder.

The Open Laser is on the end of an articulating arm that floats freely in your hands and over your workpiece. Click the link above for an overview or click here to see the Open Laser Welder in action.

Call and speak with one of our Micro Welding Consultants for questions or ordering information.

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Orion by Sunstone