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Hot Bar Welding - Pulse Heat - Reflow Soldering

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The hot bar Welding, pulse heat units are designed to solder electric components.  These systems consist of a reflow head which holds the object and applies pressure and force while the pulse heat power supply then uses the current.


Hot Bar Reflow System Features:

  • High Reliability Joining – Because heating and cooling takes place while the pressure is being applied, the work position is not shifted during joining.
  • Variable Temperature Profile – Because the heating is local and instantaneous, thermal impact to the peripheral components is restrained.
  • High Reproducibility – Digital PID control enables good reproducibility of temperature and time. As a result, no skill of the operator is required
  • Pb Free Compatible – Pb free solder is accommodated by setting to high temperature and long heating time
  • User Interface – RS-232C&I/O is standard equipped, making the unit easy to be connected to external equipment such as incorporating into an automated system
  • Ample Monitoring Functions – Temperature monitoring: Upper and lower limit (average, peak), Profile detection error: Over-heat, Thermocouple disconnection, etc
  • Other Standard Functions – Number of stored settings: 15, Head vertical and cooling air control signal, Auxiliary thermocouple input, Counter function

Pulse heating is an instantaneous heating method.  Electric current is released from the power supply and then applied to a heater tip.  The heater tip heats ups by resistance, and the heat then melts the solder.  When the solder has melted, the current is turned off, and the solder is cooled. Once the solder has cooled completely, the heater tip raises up away from the workpiece.

This creates highly reliable joining without Solder Reflow applies and maintains pressure on the workpiece until the solder hardened. Constant pressure allows for the pieces to set before the head releases pressure.

We offer multiple pulse heat power supplies, various reflow heads, and many different heater tips.  Contact us to further discuss your specific requirements.

Advantages of the hot bar pulse heat systems:

  • This method is most suitable for reliable soldering and thermo-compression bonding because heating and cooling are done while applying pressure
  • Good repeatability of heating temperature and time requires no skilled workers
  • Partial heating in short time allows reducing thermal damages
  • Great for working with lead-free soldering
  • Check out our Thermal Compression Welding Page for Similar Welding options.

Hotbar – Pulse Heat Application Images

Pulse Heat Hot bar reflow

Hotbar Reflow Plastic Welding

Reflow Hot bar Motor

LCD Screen Welding

Stranded Wire Reflow Hot Bar


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Versatile All In One System Saves Money, Time, and Space!

Used for Reflow Solder, Thermal Compression, and Hot bar Applications. The TCW-DP-100 is the ultimate Pulse Heat system. The TCW-DP-100 reflow soldering system is an all in one system that saves money, time, and space. The power supply includes the servo weld head controls, a displacement monitor, and the welding & temperature power supply. With high levels of precision, the TCW-DP-100 Reflow Solder system has the resolution of 1 micron. This means that you can expect extreme precision, and high reliability and repeatability.

Displacement monitoring explained

Reduce Cost, Increase reliability using Displacement Control.

Displacement control reduces over travel and allows for more reliability. In Reflow Soldering, merely flowing the solder is not enough, control over where the solder flows is required. Over-travel of the Hot bar causes the solder to be pressed out from under the piece, this causes reduced strength and can fail over time. With Displacement control, the unit provides constant feedback of the travel and accuracy within 1 Micron. Additionally, the unit can be programmed to do some functions once displacement has is reached. In the above example, the coax cable shape can be maintained, and not over-pressed. Adequate solder can remain under the piece, and not be pressed out.

Reflow Solder Explanation

High Precision Displacement Control

  • Uniform Melting Amount – 1 micro resolution & Accuracy
  • Reduce Over Travel & Over pressing pieces
  • Stronger, more reliable results.

 Wide Variety of Monitoring Functions

  • Monitor temperature to ensure perfect welds
  • Monitor displacement to provide ideal contact.
  • Monitor Initial starting position to ensure proper positioning.

Digital Temperature Control

  • High-Speed Temperature control through digital PID Control Method.
  • Highly Accurate temperature control suitable for small, delicate wires & Micro-Miniature parts
  • Temperature control to not displace or dislodge other components through the soldering process.

Release Function:

  • After heating, the solder can harden before moving.
  • Weld head can retract when the solder is liquid to allow solder to flow underparts.
  • The system can detect when the solder melts and perform numerous actions once solder begins to flow.

Four Stage Heating:

  • Various Temperatures are easy to obtain.
  • Up to 4 different temperatures can be programmed be weld cycle.
  • Used to ensure that components on the backside of the workpiece can remain untouched.

Built-in Servo Weld Head Control:

  • No need for a separate servo control system
  • Save space in your work area.
  • Easily control & connect a servo weld head for precise control.

Easy To use User Interface:

  • The standard User interface allows for easy adjustment of all settings.
  • Easily integrates into an Automated system or Integrated Production system.
  • Adjust all of your settings, and get all your feedback on one simple to use touchscreen.
  • See our other Pulse Heat, Hot bar Systems.

*Sunstone is able to sell AVIO products only in the USA.

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