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  • Seit Platinum HF 2 Induction System

    Shorten production times and improve efficiencies with a Platinum HF Induction System!

    When your production process includes brazing, tinning, hardening, or reflow, an induction system from Sunstone is a must. Platinum HF Induction Systems are high-frequency induction generators, suitable for electronics, healthcare, eyewear, HVAC, refrigeration, and more. Platinum HF Induction Systems are ideal for fast and controlled heating processes, such as annealing and hardening. Plus, the Platinum line is ready for manual or automated production floors.

    Request a demonstration today!

    Your Sunstone welding consultant is happy to show you a Platinum HF in action. Call or text +1 801-658-0015

    Induction System Datasheet

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  • Sunstone Welders Jacket
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  • Mini Grip
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