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Micro TIG (Pulse-Arc) Welders

Micro TIG (Pulse-Arc) Welders

Micro TIG welders are also known as Pulse-arc welders. Pulse-Arc welding or micro TIG welding uses electrical energy to create a plasma discharge.  The high-temperature plasma, in turn, melts metal in a small spot.  This process takes place in milliseconds.  The process is clean and very controllable – perfect for intricate and minute welding applications on precious and non-precious metals!. Filler metal can also be added to build up joints and create strong and reliable welds. Pulse-Arc welding is used in a variety of industries including jewelry, dental, mold and die, optics, R&D, just to name a few.


"I have an entry level model and I use it almost every time I am in my studio for everything from jump rings, tacking things in place, and small repairs. One thing I use it for the most is blunting the ends of ear wires, which leaves the tip nice and smooth without the need to sand and re-polish. It’s a super time saver. I love it!"

Linda Shea

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