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  • Deionized Water

    Deionized Water for Orion LZR laser welder cooling systems.

    • $29.95
  • Argon Tank

    Argon Tank - Premium Argon Gas (Not a Refill)

    If you have ordered a tank with us before and are needing a refill, please scan the QR code on your tank to start the refill process.

    UPS Ground Shipping to Continental US States Only, No Alaska or Hawaii.

    • $399.00
  • Laser Welder Flashlamp

    This flash lamp replaces a worn lamp after excessive use. The laser may need to be re-aligned for the new flash lamp. Available in 3 different sizes depending on the laser welder you have. 

    • $400.00
  • Laser Welder Rotary Control Hub

    External control hub for rotary ring clamp used with Orion LZR laser welders

    • $495.00
  • Benchtop Laser Welder Pedestal

    Laser Welder Pedestal

    Orion LZR Pedestal is a desktop Laser welder Pedestal for use with the Orion LZR60, LZR100, & LZR140. The pedestal made from aluminum and clear acrylic plastic. Fully integrated with a built-in motor for raising and lowering the pedestal. With the ability to move from a seated position to a standing position give you the flexibility to have both a desktop seated Laser welding system or to stand and have a stand-up laser welding system.

    • $850.00
  • Laser Welder Ring Clamp

    Ring clamp for welding on cylindrical objects for Orion LZR laser welders.

    • $1,500.00