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Benchtop Laser Welder Pedestal

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Laser Welder Pedestal

Orion LZR Pedestal is a desktop Laser welder Pedestal for use with the Orion LZR60, LZR100, & LZR140. The pedestal made from aluminum and clear acrylic plastic. Fully integrated with a built-in motor for raising and lowering the pedestal. With the ability to move from a seated position to a standing position give you the flexibility to have both a desktop seated Laser welding system or to stand and have a stand-up laser welding system.


Easily Connects To your Laser

This Laser welder pedestal connects directing into the back of the Orion LZR line of laser welders. On the main screen settings screen of the welder appears the ability to control the pedestal up and down. By just pressing the touchscreen interface on the welder the user can quickly adjust the height of the welding system. Ideal for use in locations where multiple users will be using the unit. The Pedestal allows each user to adjust the height of the welding system to their desired height easily.

Durable- Built to last

Built from 1.5 inches thick clear acrylic plastic, the Laser welder pedestal is strong, durable and stylish. The pedestal materials create an ideal base for your laser welding system. Includes required hardware to attach the Orion LZR laser welding systems. This hardware secures the bottom of the laser welder and ensures that it will not move or slip on the pedestal. The laser welder pedestal also has soft rubber pieces on the top to ensure no damage to the pedestal. This hardware will ensure that the Laser welder Pedestal will not cause any damage to your laser welder as well. The Laser Welder Pedestal is a stand-alone system and does not include any welding system, but is intended to be paired with an Orion Laser Welding System. Click here to learn more about the Orion LZR Laser Welding System & the benefits that you can gain from a laser welding system.

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