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  • Argon Tank Refill

    Argon Tank Refill - Premium Argon Gas

    If you've never ordered a tank from us before, please click here

    Can only ship in the USA - Ground Shipping only

    • $79.00
  • Argon Tank

    Argon Tank - Premium Argon Gas (Not a Refill)

    If you have ordered a tank with us before and are needing a refill, please click here

    Can only ship in the USA - Ground Shipping only

    • $299.00
  • Rubber Eye Guards

    Rubber Eye Guards for use with Orion Microscopes

    • $10.00
  • Orion Stylus

    Pulse Arc Welding Stylus. Handpiece for Use with Orion Welders

    • $850.00
  • Orion SPHP LP

    Single Probe Hand Piece - Low Power. 1/4' dia brass shank accepts 1/16' (for Tungsten) or 2mm (..

    • $210.00
  • Orion Gem Guard

    Two vial, gemstone protection solution.

    • $30.00
  • Orion Fiberglass Brush

    Used to remove carbon from your weld spot, these fiberglass brushes are a must-have tool—especially when working with jewelry.

    • $8.00
  • Micro Welding Electrode Grinding Dremel Tool

    Use this Dremel rotary tool with a diamond grinding wheel to sharpen your tungsten electrode. Please specify 110v rechargable or AA battery operated.

    • $50.00
  • Orion Dual Probe Handpiece

    Dual Probe Hand Piece - Low Power, 1/4" dia brass shank with10 AWG cabling, accepts 1/16" copper or 2mm tungsten electrodes (1 pair copper electrodes included).

    • $320.00
  • Diamond Disk for Dremel Tool

    Diamond Disk for Dremel Rotary Tool

    • $15.00
  • Orion Stylus Collet

    0.5mm or 1.0mm collet used with 0.5mm or 1.0mm (depending on the electrode) electrodes on the stylus of Orion pulse arc welders.

    • $10.00
  • Orion Arm Microscope

    Orion Swing Arm & Microscope setup, with Optical Shutter, Light, and 5x Magnification.

    • $1,000.00
Items: 112 of 22
  • Sunstone Welders Jacket
    Only 10 left in stock
    • $40.00
  • Sunstone Welders T-Shirt
    Only 10 left in stock
    • $20.00
  • Mini Grip
    • $1,500.00