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PW Chiller

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Chilling unit for use with water cooled hand pieces, made by PW. Chillers are ideal for spot welding applications and guarantee controlled tip temperatures during operation, independent of air temperature and rate of production.


Water Chiller systems are used in resistance welding to reduce heat build-up in electrodes and cables. When paired with water-cooled cables and water-cooled hand-piece, high power and or repeated welding applications can be completed without damaging welding equipment. A water chiller is a closed-loop circulation system designed for heat transfer. The water chiller will take the warm or hot water coming from the hand-piece and cables, and cool it to and recirculates back to the hand-piece. The Water-Cooled Hand Piece, Water Cooled Weld Cables, and the Recirculated Water Chiller are generally used with the AC Welding System. During AC welding a constant flow of welding energy is applied to the welding electrode and continues to flow for the duration of the weld. Due to the resistance in the cables, the connections, and the hand-piece they begin to heat up. As multiple or long-duration welds are made, the heat continues to build up. Once the cables, welding power supply, and hand-piece reach the maximum heat, the machine will shut off and prevent any further welding until the unit cools down. A recirculating water chiller system continually removes heat from the system and allows for longer operating times and longer duration welds, without interruptions. For more information on AC welding click here or to learn more about the AC power supply.

As tip temperature rises, current flow can be reduced by the increased electrical resistance in the circuit. Tip temperature will increase and tip life decrease, adding to production costs. Chillers are ideal for spot welding applications and guarantee controlled tip temperatures during operation, independent of air temperature and rate of production. Suitable for use in AC Seam welding where large amounts of current flow continuously through cabling. Additionally, a water chiller system is essential in production environments where consistent weld parameters must be within parameters.

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