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  • Opposed Weld Head

    The WH1 pneumatic opposed weld heads offer precision and repeatability at an affordable price. The WH1125A Opposed, MAC Valve Air-Actuated Weld Head comes with a foot pedal, trigger cable, and 1 AWG grounding cables.

    WH1 Weld Head Datasheet

    WH1 Weld Head User Manual

    • $3,700.00
  • High Force Opposed Weld Head

    The Sunstone WH1187A-HF High Force Weld Head comes standard with beneficial features such as manual or automatic triggering, easy force adjustment, and adjustable height.

    WH1 High Force Weld Head Datasheet

    • $6,450.00
  • Avio Opposed Weld Head

    The Avio Opposed Weld Heads can be configured in a few different ways.  We offer two force ranges: 4.5 lbf – 33.7 lbf, and 9.0 lbf – 67.4 lbf.  (Note: if you want a lower force range, click here for our micro weld heads). 

    Avio Products Datasheet

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