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AC Micro Resistance Welding

AC Micro Resistance Welding

Sunstone AC Resistance Spot Welders are AC welders with accurate controls that can be adjusted down to weld times as low as 1/100 second.  Typical welding applications range from sheets as thin as 0.05mm up to 1.2mm, depending on metal and orientation. Weld Metal Mesh and weld every wire for perfect results and excellent strength. Foil welding made easy using AC welding System.

Features of the AC Spot Welders

  • Available in a 2.2, 5, and 15 Kva Models.
  • Internal AC Transformer
  • Simple, User-Friendly Interface
  • Synchronous IC Control
  • Adjustable Heat Control

What is AC Welding?

Alternating Current Welding or AC welding refers to the type of power supply that is used in AC Resistance Welding. AC welding uses a constant flow of energy generated from an AC Transformer. This transformer can be controlled to generate very fine welds.

The AC welding systems are primarily used to create seam welds using the continuous flow of energy from the AC Power supply. This unit will continually flow weld energy as long as the trigger is pressed. This allows for hermetic sealing of pouch cells and any foil welding. This also allows for every wire in a mesh to be welded to the substrate, giving a strong, reliable and repeatable weld. Used for mesh welding screens, mesh basket welding, Filter welding, and Filter tacking.

Seam Welding Made Easy

The AC welding system is commonly used with the Roller hand-piece to accomplish seam welds. This wheel electrode allows for the weld to be generated as it rolls along the piece. Check out our Mesh Welding Page for more details.

Pouch Cell & Foil Welding

Another great application for the AC Welding System is foil and pouch cell welding. The AC welding system allows you achieve a hermetic seal on foils. This allows for the creation of foil pouches. These pouches can be used to create custom sized pouches for your application. These can then be used for a Li-Po battery pouch cell. A pouch can be created and sealed for environmental protection, and safe storage over time.

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