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HF Inverter Micro Resistance Welding

HF Inverter Micro Resistance Welding

High-Frequency Inverter Welding (HF Inverter) uses a specialized power supply to complete highly repeatable resistance welds. HF Inverters are used primarily in automation due to the high repeatability of the welds. An HF Inverter power supply takes an AC input, and rectifies it to a DC wave, then switches to an AC weld during the primary weld current. Similar to a DC weld, but with a low-level AC wave at the top of the waveform.

Why Use HF Inverter Welding?

HF Inverter Welding produces very consistent and repeatable results. This makes it a primary candidate for use with automated welding systems, and in automation. The Avio HF welding system that Sunstone Provides, uses closed-loop feedback, that allows monitoring of each weld. This monitoring allows you to measure each and every weld to ensure that they are consistent and perfect. Additionally, the HF Inverter’s closed-loop feedback provides you with the ability to setup envelops or ranges that the welds can fall within. This allows you to set how strict you need your weld controls.

What Else is Needed for an HF Inverter Welding System?

Due to the high repeatability of the HF Inverter Power supply, a highly repeatable weld delivery source is recommended. This would be through the use of a weld head. Two different weld options are available.

Avio Opposed Weld HeadServo:

The use of a servo weld head is the highest level of precision of any type of weld delivery system. The servo weld head gives you ultimate control of pressure, duration, and displacement. Simply, you can control how fast you want the electrodes to move, how much force to apply, and even control how much the electrodes move during the welding process. This is the ultimate welding head for use in Automation and semi-automated systems. If you are looking for the ultimate weld head that can be used by any user and get amazing results, look no further than the servo is driven head.


A Pneumatic head will provide you with the level of control and precision necessary for use with the HF Inverter. Simply supply a compressed air line, and set the speed that you want it to descend and ascend, and you are ready to weld. With adjustable height and pressure, a Pneumatic weld head will give you great results.

What Applications Use an HF Inverter Welding System?

Applications include:

  • Resistors to Terminals
  • Aluminum & Copper Lithium Pouch Cell Terminals
  • Many Layers of Small Foils
  • Capacitor Leads
  • Brazing
  • Battery Pack Manufacturing
  • Large Magnet wire
  • Honeycomb Welding
  • Medical Device
  • Aerospace
  • And Much More!

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  • HF Inverter Welder

    • Production ready – high productivity and high speed welding
    • Multi control mode (constant-current, voltage, power)
    • Fast repetition rates
    • Pre-weld check function
    • Long-time welding (maximum 3sec)
    • Graphic display of welding waveform on large LCD
    • Multi monitoring function
    • Welding waveform-memory function
    • Available in 4k (4000 A) or 8k (8000 A / 4000 A) models
    •  Ideal for welding precision electronic parts

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