Aircraft Instrumentation varies depending on the application & complexity of the instruments. Here at Sunstone & Orion Welders, we offer a wide variety of welding options that can fit many applications.  From joining stranded wires to instrument repair, Sunstone has an Instrumentation welding option. Aircraft Instrumentation welding sometimes requires a small, and portable solution that can be carried and used in tight spaces. Sunstone & Orion Welders have just the solution for a close and mobile instrumentation welding solutions. 

Linear DC welder

Linear DC Power Supply

Sunstone’s most advanced Resistance welding system. With the power of an HF Inverter, but the Control and low-end welding capabilities of a Linear DC. The Linear DC includes advanced features that allow for current monitoring, Touch Screen Controls, Saved settings, and handpiece and foot pedal activation.

Micro tig welding

Orion 200i² Welding System

The Orion 200i² welding system is the most advanced Pulse Arc welding system. With the ability to weld extremely small wires, up to large thick molds the Orion 200i² can weld the broadest range of applications. 

Weld Head

Opposed weld head with various actuation methods including pneumatic & Manual cable driven. The WH1125A allows for consistent pressure at the weld site. It also provides for easy weld activation and increased productivity.

PG5M – Pressure-Activated Mico Tweezer 

Pressure Actuated Micro tweezer allows you to have excellent control of your tweezer type welding handpiece and get into tiny areas. With small ergonomic handle, that you simply squeeze to apply pressure and trigger the welding pulse. 

PG2 Hand Piece

This Pistol Grip handpiece is one of the most popular handpieces, and for a good reason. The pistol grip comfortably allows you to get a good handle and apply pressure to the weld site. With a simple trigger button, it is easy to complete most weld.

pasp 2

PASP 2 Welding Hand Piece

Pressure Actuated Single Probe Hand Piece. Pressure is equally important as energy in resistance welding. The use of a pressure actuated handpiece allows for consistent pressure with each weld. Allowing for optimal welding results, with the freedom of a handpiece.