Military Welding covers a broad range of applications and units. Sunstone & Orion are proud to work with many branches of the military and support welding solutions and training. Sunstone is continually working with Government Research labs around the world to help find cutting-edge welding solutions. We work with many government acquisition & Procurement systems and are registered to work with all branches of the military.

The Precision you need

Sunstone Welders specializes in micro welding and explicitly designs for high levels of precision. When you are working with delicate wires, thin sheets, or precise sensors, Sunstone can give you the accuracy and precision that you need.

The Power You Need

Sunstone Welders provide units with the power to accomplish a wide range of welding applications. Honeycomb welding, Titanium sheet welding, and even exotic metals are not a problem and are easily welded. Sunstone can take your application and help find a solution that will fit your needs and your budget.

Work With Confidence Knowing Our Reputation

Here at Sunstone, we have the privilege to work with and provide welding solutions to some of the largest and most successful companies & Military & Government Agencies around the world. Through our years of experience and work, we have developed and built the skills to help you with your application.

Military & Government Welding Applications:

Other Applications Include:

  • Solar Cells and Panels
  • Solenoids
    • Solenoid Assemblies
  • Switches
    • Reed Switch Assemblies
    • Relays
    • Switch Controls
  • Turbine Component Welding
  • Turbine Engine Components
  • Wires