Sunstone Engineering and EWI to Collaborate

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Sunstone Engineering LLC and EWI to Collaborate on Micro Welding Research and Development
PAYSON, UTAH — Sunstone Engineering, manufacturer of precision micro welders and engraving systems, is now collaborating with EWI, a renowned engineering service provider, as a strategic technology member. The two companies will collaborate to advance pulsed arc welding and micro-resistance welding technology.

“Combining our expertise with EWI will allow Sunstone’s customers to leverage the world’s best welding knowledgebase to solve any challenge in the many industries we serve,” said Sunstone President, Jonathan Young. “Sunstone can now provide an unequaled level of weld analysis, strengthening our position as the micro welder experts. Sunstone is pleased to join EWI as a strategic technology member and excited to begin collaborating.”

“EWI is pleased to have Sunstone join as our second strategic technology member and eager to integrate their innovative technology into our internal R&D programs,” said Chris Kiminas, President of EWI Ohio. “Our engineers look forward to working the Sunstone team to develop new applications that will be relevant for our members and customers.”

As part of the cooperative endeavor, Sunstone is providing EWI with three pulsed arc micro welding systems, two resistance micro welding system, and a tabletop micro laser welder. Sunstone’s contribution of these welding systems to the EWI microjoining lab will result in the development of new joining applications that will benefit electronic and consumer product manufacturers.

Pulsed arc welding utilizes a precision power supply coupled to a retracting welding electrode to create an intense, short burst of energy. The electric arc welds metals with minimal heating of the component. Unlike competing processes, pulsed arc welding is not influenced by electrical conductivity and optical reflectivity. The technology can be used for joining battery materials, knife blades to test samples, magnet wire for higher temperature coils, and other wire applications, such as tipping and strand consolidation.

The micro resistance welding systems provide pulse shaping and on-board statistical control capabilities, both of which offer energy control and process monitoring for challenging resistance welds. Micro resistance welding is particularly useful for joining copper, aluminum, nickel, and other metals for which minimal distortion is critical.

To learn more about the Sunstone and EWI collaboration in pulsed arc and micro resistance welding, contact David Hollaway at or Tim Frech at

About Sunstone Engineering

Sunstone Engineering LLC designs, engineers and manufactures high-tech micro welding and engraving solutions for many different industries. The Sunstone product line includes laser, pulse arc, capacitive discharge, AC, and hot bar reflow welding systems that are used in a variety of research and manufacturing fields and industries. Sunstone welders are used by accomplished jewelers, Apple, NASA, MIT, GE, HP, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and multiple government and military agencies. For more information visit or call 801-658-0015.

About EWI

EWI empowers industry leaders to overcome complex manufacturing challenges and integrate new processes to bring products to market more quickly and efficiently. The organization provides comprehensive engineering services to help companies across industry identify, develop, and implement the best options for their specific applications. With unmatched expertise, state-of-the-art lab facilities, and technology resources, EWI offers customized solutions that deliver game-changing results. For more information, visit or call 614-688-5000.

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