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Sunstone Engineering Employees Can Choose to Work from Home Every Thursday and Friday

Jun 17, 2020
Post-COVID-19 Business Operations

Employees show increased productivity and job satisfaction while working from home. Company permanently changes policy to allow employees to choose to work from home every Thursday and Friday.

Sunstone Engineering, a manufacturer of industrial micro welders, announced a permanent change to company policy that now allows its employees to choose to work from home every Thursday and Friday in light of noticeable increases in team productivity and job satisfaction during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Doing its part to combat the continued spread of COVID-19, Sunstone Engineering asked most team members to work from home earlier this year. During the time of the lockdown, the company saw a noticeable increase in employee productivity and job satisfaction. After additional research, the company made a permanent change to company policy allowing employees to choose to work from home every Thursday and Friday.

“When I reviewed the facts, that we could boost employee productivity and job satisfaction at the same time, the decision was easy to make,” says Jonathan Young, president of Sunstone Engineering. “The lockdown demonstrated that most of my concerns about working from home were unfounded or could be managed easier than expected. The technology Sunstone had invested in earlier this year mitigated many of the challenges of managing a remote workforce. Given the lockdown experience and the data we gathered, we changed company policy to allow our team members to choose to work from home on Thursday or Friday. The positive response to that policy change has been huge. I look forward to our team making 2020 one of the best years ever.”

By dedicating Thursdays and Fridays as work-from-home days Sunstone Engineering is better able to manage their teams and schedule meetings when all can attend physically. Congruent with local government policy, Sunstone employees are working on-site and under enhanced safety measures to reduce the risk of infection.

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Sunstone Engineering LLC designs, engineers and manufactures high-tech micro welding and engraving solutions for many different industries. The Sunstone product line includes laser, pulse arc, capacitive discharge, AC, linear DC, HF inverter, and hot bar reflow welding systems that are used in a variety of research and manufacturing fields and industries. Sunstone welders are used by Apple, NASA, MIT, GE, HP, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and multiple government and military agencies. For more information visit or call 801-658-0015.