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The Scout: The New Battery-Powered Welder for Extreme Remote Job Sites

Sep 10, 2020

Sunstone announced the introduction of a new battery-powered, portable welder, the Scout, designed for extreme remote job sites.

The Scout is a capacitive discharge, fine spot welder that can deliver as much as 100 Ws of power using its onboard battery. Designed for portability and capability, the Scout weighs less than 12 kg yet delivers up to 2,000 welds at 30 Ws and 650 welds at 100 Ws. The Scout is an ideal welding solution for strain gauges, crosswire welding, thermocouples, or wherever a fine spot weld is required in a hard-to-get-to location. The Scout can remain in stand-by mode for up to six hours per charge and can be recharged in about three hours.

“For those that work at the top of communication towers, or hang from the underside of bridges, or travel to remote job sites, the Scout offers a portable, dependable welding solution,” says Jonathan Young, president of Sunstone Engineering. “The Scout has two remarkable features that make it stand out: First, it looks and feels like a tool that can survive harsh conditions; and second, it’s superior battery performance means it will weld for as long as you’re away from an outlet—or up to 2,000 welds at 30 Ws of power.”

A rugged, center handle design provides the operator with a convenient, secure source to anchor the Scout to tool belts, safety connectors, or tethers. The machine-tooled, aluminum handle extends from the top of the unit to the bottom, forming a strong, light-weight core. The Scout’s primary internal and external components are bolted directly to the core handle, adding to the welder’s rigid and durable design. A handy storage compartment allows the operator to position the hand piece, cables, and triggers inside the unit for storage and safe, organized transportation or repositioning of the welder.

The Scout’s digital power display makes the unit simple to use. Operators can select the amount of power in one-tenth Ws increments, up to 100 Ws. Designed for hazardous job sites where safety is paramount, an audible indicator signals a successful weld, allowing the operator to stay focused and safe.

Taking advantage of the Sunstone Circle product protection plan, the Scout can be covered by a manufacturer warranty for as long as the customer remains subscribed to the plan. Subscriptions for the Sunstone Circle start at $15 per month per welder.