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Sunstone’s New Omega Battery Welding System Paves Way for Copper and Nickel Tab Welding

Jul 23, 2020

The Omega PA250i includes new welding technology, developed by Sunstone, that clears a path for battery manufacturers to utilize pure copper or nickel tabs in the production of power cells. The high conductivity of copper tabs improves the performance of the power cell. Prior to the release of the Omega PA250i, battery manufacturers were limited to mixed metal tabs with less efficient conductivity but easier for the production process.

“The Omega opens up new possibilities for battery manufacturers,” says Jonathan Young, president of Sunstone Engineering. “They can take advantage of the conductivity benefits of copper or nickel tabs without affecting production levels. With an Omega, our customers can develop a significantly more efficient power cell and produce it just as easily as any other. A better power cell helps our customers stay competitive in today’s tight markets.”

The Omega PA250i can be configured in three different ways to match the needs of the manufacturer. For research and development, the stylus configuration provides the lab with 5X optics and pulse arc welding technology. For mid-size production facilities, a weld held configuration may be more suitable. And for large-scale production facilities, the Omega PA250i, with its PLC capabilities, connects to a CNC-mounted weld head.

As with many of Sunstone’s micro welders, the Omega PA250i battery welder is controlled by a mounted touchscreen interface. The operator can digitally control all aspects of the weld, from power to waveform to agitation. Specific to the Omega, when the operator enters the type and thickness of the metals to be welded, the Omega will automatically set the weld parameters for an optimum weld for that combination of metal and thickness.

“The specificity of the Omega is the key to why it is able to consecutively produce optimum welds,” says Young. “Sunstone has advanced weld control far beyond what our clients expected even a year ago. A successful weld, for any type of metal or combination of metals, is the result of being able to adjust and tinker with every known contributing factor. And now, with the Omega, the technology is automatically adjusting the welder based on the materials involved to create an optimum welding result.”

The Omega’s digital control also provides the operator with the ability to save welds, and then load and apply those settings to similar jobs in the future. Weld settings can also be cloned from one unit to another, which saves time in setting up production processes.