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Sunstone Summer Laser Sale Helping Manufacturers Save on Capital Costs

Jul 27, 2020

Sunstone is discounting their benchtop laser welders and engravers now through the end of September. Your shop can now save as much as $4,000 on a benchtop laser welder or pay as little as $250 per month OAC!

"The effects of the pandemic are impeding growth in all industries," says Jonathan Young, President of Sunstone Engineering. "With just a bit in savings our customers are able to secure the capital equipment they need to make the products they must sell. In terms of timing, the Sunstone Summer Laser Sale couldn't come at a more perfect time."

Sunstone's Orion line of benchtop laser welders are available in three different models, 60, 100, and 140, each representing a different power range, from .2 Joules to 140. A digital touchscreen interface, a hallmark of Sunstone welders, makes it easy for any operator—novice or professional—to put the welder to work quickly. A large work area, 10X Leica optics, built-in video display, a large, shielded observation window, and an Argon gas option makes an Orion laser welder an outstanding addition to your workshop.

The Orion line of laser engravers and cutters are available in four different models. Energy and application is what differentiates each model You should call and speak to one of our laser engraver specialists. Once we better understand your needs we can recommend the right engraver for the job.

The Sunstone Summer Laser Sale ends September 31, 2020. The dog days of summer will be over before you know it. Call now to secure the savings you need to boost business now: +1-801-658-0015. Call to see how much we've discounted the laser welder or laser engraver you need.