Suntone Expands Energy Range for its Automation-ready Capacitive Discharge Fine Spot Welder to 1200 Ws

Sunstone Engineering, manufacturer of battery micro welders, announced the company had expanded the energy range of its production-ready, capacitive discharge fine spot welders. Electric vehicle manufacturers and suppliers are now able to choose from four different welding models with energy range from 200 to 1200 Ws to assist in the development and automated production of power cells.

The 1200 model, with a 13″ girth and PLC-enabled features, has been described as “phat”. Says Sunstone’s director of marketing, Andy Jensen, “The 1200 is the fattest automated CD welder Sunstone manufactures, certainly the most powerful, yet just as nimble on an automated production floor as any of our other automated CD models. That’s why we describe it as ‘phat’. It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s cool.”

Sunstone’s CDDP-A fine spot welders are designed specifically for the production floor. Every unit is designed for automated operation with PLC inputs/outputs and built-in weld monitoring. Digital control over energy release, dual pulse operation, remote schedule select, basic SPC, histograms, weld history export, and comparators allow electric vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to solve power cell development and production challenges. Sunstone announced the release of its 1200 Ws model to join the 200, 400, and 600 Ws models.

“Sunstone’s CDDP-A welders make power cell production more efficient in two ways,” says Jonathan Young, president of Sunstone Engineering. “First, as a fine spot welder with digital energy control, the CDDP-A delivers the exact amount and timing of energy to repeatedly deliver the desired weld. Second, our welders are specifically designed for an automated production floor, ready to be connected to a CNC or other automated platform.”

The expanded energy range combined with the welder’s touchscreen display provides the operator with significant control. Preset weld schedules can be saved and loaded to other units while all weld settings can be cloned to other units, saving production managers in installation and setup time. When paired with a pneumatic weld head, the Sunstone welder can control all aspects of actuation, squeeze time, and release, whether triggered by a foot pedal or digital signal.