0.030″ Aluminum Wire to PCB Tabs

System 1:
Orion Pulse 150i, pulse arc and resistance welder

A sharpened 1mm tungsten electrode is used to weld these wires. The wire is grounded using an alligator clip but a brass tweezer would probably be easier to maneuver in the tight areas. We performed the welds under the microscope but it can sometimes be helpful to remove the stylus from the holder and use it by hand to get to the difficult geometries.

We set the Orion Pulse 150i to 7.5ws energy in Micro Mode with sloped agitation enabled for better penetration and smoothing. A smaller diameter wire would make the welds easier. More than one actuation can be used to ensure good hold strength. The cleaner the surface of the materials being welded, the better the weld will work (the blackening around the welds is burnt residue from the jelly type substance).


The Orion Pulse 150i is an ideal solution for welding these samples. The touch screen user interface makes it easy for operators to quickly fine tune energy settings and find successful weld parameters.