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Pulse Arc Welding – Copper Fill Wire to Copper Block

Orion Pulse 1500s – Pulse arc and resistance welder
6awg weld cable on an industrial stylus (3/32″ tungsten electrode)
6awg ground cable with alligator clamp

The Orion 1500s is configured with an industrial weld stylus with 6awg weld cable gauge and a 6awg ground cable gauge. The 3/32″ tungsten electrode is completely blunt at the tip. The argon shielding gas is set to 10psi for good coverage.

The copper fill wire is melted into the voids on the copper block using the Orion 1500s set at 650ws energy with a length of 200ms. We aimed the electrode directly above the wire for best results. It is helpful to heat the copper block prior to the welding process to help the wire attach to the block, but it can still be challenging to get good adhesion since the large copper block acts as a heat sink and pulls the heat of the weld away from the weld site too quickly. It can take several actuations to fill a void such as the ones on this block. Sloped agitation can be enabled to assist with smoothing and penetration.

With patience and practice, the Orion 1500s is capable of filling voids in the copper block, but it takes time and it is difficult to smooth.

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