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Solar Cells – Copper Ribbon to Terminal and Braided Copper Wire

System 1:

CD320DPM2, 320ws CD resistance welder
DPHP, dual probe hand piece
1/8″ Tungsten electrodes (tips tapered to 0.05″)

We performed these sample welds using a dual probe hand piece set-up for ease of access to the tabs. Two 1/8″ tungsten electrodes were used with their tips tapered to 0.05″ diameter. Hand pressure becomes important in this situation since too little pressure can cause arcing and too much pressure can damage the tabs or cause the welds to be weak.

The CD320DPM2 was set to 150ws energy to quickly and easily weld the two tabs to the rectangular terminals. On the second tab one of the weld attempts caused a blow-out due to misalignment of the electrode (the tip of the electrode rested over the gap in the terminal). The other tabs were welded to the braided copper wire at 140ws energy. Resulting welds are strong but you can fine tune the settings with further experimentation to fit the desired parameters.