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Stainless Steel Lap Welds with Dual Roll Spot Weld Head

System 1:
CD400DP, 400ws capacitive discharge resistance welder
WH2125A, parallel weld head (or WH1125A opposed weld head)
High pressure springs
Copper Wheel Electrodes

The WH2125A is configured with copper wheel electrodes that have been angled to fit the steel straps. This configuration was for proof of concept only and was not the ideal set-up for performing the welds. Weld head spring force is set at 8lbs for the welds pictured.

The CD400DP is set at 100ws for the welds in the video. This energy level delivers results with good pull strength and good weld nugget size. Higher energies can easily be achieved if required when welding using custom fixturing. We used the included foot pedal to intermittently actuate the welds but the CD400DP can be upgraded to include “roll spot” programming that will allow welds to be performed consecutively at pre-set intervals for as long as the foot pedal or triggering device is held down.