Copper Strip Pulse Arc Through Welds in Plastic Housing

System 1:
Orion Pulse 250EV, pulse arc, pulse arc through weld and resistance welder

The Orion Pulse 250EV system can quickly and easily perform through welds on sheet material. A blunt 1mm tungsten electrode is used inside the brass cone. The stylus can be removed from the included weld head and used in a hand-held manner if desired (as seen in the video). 12awg weld cables are used.

The following settings were used to attach 0.010″ thick bare copper strips to your tinned copper pads:

Primary weld — Micro banks B, C, and D at 36v energy and 40ms length
Agitation – Micro bank A, Nano banks A and B at 45v, 50% duty, and 1khz frequency
Retract weld delay — 3200 micro seconds

Two or three welds can be placed for best conductivity and strength. Although the results are strong and show good nuggets after a pull test, these settings may need to be tweaked for larger nugget size and better penetration as you experiment further with your product. Some soot is created around the weld spot that can easily be removed using a glass brush or other soft abrasive.


The Orion Pulse 250EV is a great system and can be easily automated. The touch screen user interface makes it easy to fine tune energy settings and allows operators to achieve desired results quickly and easily.