Gold Coated Wire into Gold Coated Tube

System 1:
DCD320, DC and CD resistance welder
WH1125A, opposed air actuated weld head
1/8″ copper electrodes (wedge tip upper with notch, tapered lower)
1awg cables

The WH1125A is configured with 1/8″ copper electrodes in the upper and lower electrode holders. The tip of the upper electrode is wedge shaped and has a notch cut into the tip to help limit the amount of crush on the tube. The lower electrode tip is tapered down to 1/16″ to help focus the energy into the desired area. The spring force of the weld head is set to 5lbs for the welds pictured.

Welds are performed by the DCD320 set to DC mode with pulse 1 turned off, pulse 2 at 25ms length, and peak voltage at 5.8v. This setting delivers good heat to the wires for sufficient fusion and causes the least amount of deformation of the outer tube.


The DCD320 and WH1125A are an ideal combination for welding the gold coated wire into the tubes. The weld heat is localized and should not have an effect on the wires inside the opposite end of the tube.