Micro Welding – 1mil Platinum Wire to Platinum and Gold Pads

DCD320 – DC and CD resistance welder

MWH1000 – Parallel air actuated micro weld head
Tungsten thermo-compression electrodes
/>8awg cables

The MWH1000 parallel micro weld head is configured with a precision tipped thermo-compression electrode to perform the welds. The thermo-compression electrode is ideal for this application since the heat is generated in the tip of the electrode and forces the heat into the wire. By welding the wires in this manner, the thin substrate material is less likely to delaminate due to too much heat. The force is set to 1200g for these samples but could be reduced if desired for less necking of the wire.

The platinum wires are attached to the platinum substrate by the DCD320 in DC mode with pulse 1 turned off, pulse 2 at 50ms length, and peak voltage at 1.3v. The wires are attached to the gold substrate with pulse 1 turned off, pulse 2 at 50ms, and peak voltage at 1.2v. These settings seemed to deliver acceptable results without damage to the pads; but as you experiment further with energy, length, and force you will be able to achieve even better results.

The DCD320 and MWH1000 Parallel weld head are an ideal combination for welding very small or thin materials. The energy levels can quickly and easily be fine-tuned to achieve desired results.

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