Micro Welding – 22awg Silver Coated Copper Wires to 1mil Nickel Pads

DCD320 – DC and CD resistance welder (high precision power supply)

MWH3000 – 3000g parallel micro weld head
/>Tungsten thermo-compression electrode (flat rectangular tip)
8awg weld cables

The parallel micro weld head is set at 3000g force to weld the 22awg stranded silver coated wires to the .001″ nickel pads. A tungsten thermo-compression electrode is used (flat rectangular tip) and a ceramic plate is used as a backing during the weld. The thermo-compression electrodes generate heat at the tip of the electrode and the force applied by the weld head helps ensure contact between the molten metal and the nickel pad.

The DCD320 is set with Pulse 1 at off, Pulse 2 at 60ms, and Peak Voltage at 3.2v to perform the welds on all the flexible heater samples. A secondary foot pedal was set-up to trigger the weld (to ensure that the electrode is in the correct position prior to initiating the weld); but in a production situation the weld can be triggered automatically by an internal limit switch as the electrode reaches the correct position.

We placed two welds to help reduce torsional failure but a single weld is also possible. The thermo-compression electrode could possibly be custom ordered to more closely fit the size of the wire diameter for more consistent strand spread and complete strand coverage. It is recommended you add some sort of extra strain relief over the weld site (epoxy, hot glue) for increased pull strength.

The settings we used are a good starting point, but further experimentation with energy, force, and tip shape can lead to even better results.

The DCD320 and MWH3000 can successfully weld the wires to each of the different types of flexible heaters. Operators have the ability to fine tune the settings to achieve desired results.

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