Micro Welding – 3mil Stainless Steel Ribbon to Stainless Steel Core

CD100SPM – 100ws CD resistance welder

MWH3000 – 3000g opposed micro weld head
1/8″ copper upper electrode (tapered to .010″)
1/8″ copper lower electrode (flat tipped)
8awg weld cables

We decided to use the MWH3000 opposed micro weld head instead of the WH1125A because the micro weld head can achieve more consistent forces in the lower ranges that don’t deform the ribbon as much. As an added benefit, the MWH3000 comes with a microscope for more precise viewing during part positioning. We set the micro weld head to deliver 1750g force for the sample welds performed.

Initially, we tried the new samples using an electrode with a notch cut out of the lower electrode hoping to minimize the deformation. Unfortunately, this caused uneven heat distribution and lead to hot spots in undesired locations. For this reason, we opted to use a flat tipped bottom electrode. The upper electrode is 1/8″ copper that has been tapered to a point (approximately 0.01″ diameter). The tip we used is slightly bigger than a single wrap of ribbon. I just tapered it using a belt sander, but a machinist could get more accurate results.

We selected the CD100SPM due to the low energy requirements and precision adjustment at the lower energy levels. For a high volume production situation we also offer the CD200DP with a precision pot.

The welds are performed at maximum pulse width and at an energy level of 6.3ws. When the green coating is not completely removed, it can interfere with weld quality and cause blackened areas or uncontrolled heat patterns.

Some deformation still occurs due to the space between the coil’s inner diameter and the outer diameter of the core wire; but the deformation has been minimized substantially compared to the original samples. The discoloration can be limited by flowing a shielding gas such as argon over the weld site during the application of energy. These results could possibly be improved with further experimentation and fixturing.

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