Micro Welding – 46awg Type T Thermocouple

System 1:
DCD320 – DC and CD resistance welder (high precision power supply)

MWH1000 – 1000g parallel micro weld head
Tungsten thermo-compression electrode (flat rectangular precision tip)
8awg weld cables

The parallel micro weld head is set at 1000g force to perform the welds pictured. A tungsten thermo-compression electrode is used and the wires are placed on a ceramic plate during the weld. Thermo-compression is ideal for this application because the wires do not need to be stripped prior to welding.

The DCD320 is set with Pulse 1 at 20ms, Pulse 2 at 40ms, and Peak Voltage at 1.7v to attach the copper wires to the constantan wire. Due to the disparity in melt temperatures between the copper and the constantan, it can be helpful to perform a weld on the constantan in the desired attachment location prior to welding the copper wire in place. This pre-weld helps remove the coating and flattens out the constantan wire to achieve a better balance in melting temperatures.

Although we were able to attach the wires using the settings outlined, we recommend you experiment further with weld length, energy, and force to achieve even better results.

The DCD320 and MWH1000 are an ideal combination for welding coated wires. Operators have the ability to fine tune the settings to achieve desired results.

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