Micro Welding – 4mil Stainless Steel Spring to PCB

DCD320 – DC and CD resistance welder (high precision power supply)

MWH3000 – 3000g parallel micro weld head
/>Copper Parallel Gap electrodes
8awg weld cables

The parallel micro weld head is configured with copper parallel gap electrodes (rectangular tips) spaced with a 0.010″ gap. The Force on the micro weld head is set to 1500g and 8awg weld cables are attached. We used a plastic block as a support for the PCBs during the weld.

The stainless steel springs can be attached to the PCB pads using the DCD320 set with Pulse 1 off, Pulse 2 at 10ms, and Peak Voltage at 1.6v. These settings produce good weld strength and do not displace too much of the plastic backing. Sometimes it is helpful to use two weld actuations per spring to ensure strong welds, due to the variation in the amount of compression of the spring each time.

Further experimentation with weld length, peak voltage, and weld head force could help optimize the strength of the joint and minimize the melting of the PCB in unwanted areas.

The DCD320 and MWH3000 are ideal solutions for performing these welds. Operators have the ability to fine tune the settings to achieve desired results and the energy levels are low enough to minimize damage to the PCB.

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