Micro Welding – 50 Micron Gold Wire to Gold Pad on PCB

D-CD320 — Dynamic capacitive discharge power supply with DC and CD waveform capabilities

MWH3000 — Micro weld head, with pressure settings from 300 grams to 3000 grams

MEL-TCB-SY — Micro, thermocompression bonded electrode, with a precision tip

The 50 micro Gold wire is bonded to the Gold pad on the PCB at 1.0v energy, pulse 1 is turned off, and pulse 2 is set to 30 mill-seconds (ms)

The Gold wire is welded to the Gold block at 1.1v energy, pulse 1 is turned off, and pulse 2 is set to 30 mill-seconds (ms)

The D-CD320 micro spot welder paired with the MWH300 micro weld head is a great solution for welding 50 micron wire to the gold pad/block on the PCB. Good hold strength was achieved at these settings:

All welds in “DC” mode.
Gold pad — 1.0v, pulse 2 set to 30 ms.
Gold block — 1.1v, pulse 2 set to 30 ms.

The gold block weld takes a higher energy setting, due to ability to draw heat from the weld, where the gold pad does not do this. The MWH3000 is set to approximately 600 grams for all welds. See the short video showing the welds being performed.

The D-CD320 and MWH3000 are a great solution for welding these fine 50 micro gold wires to the pads/blocks on PCBs. The welds are easily, and quickly performed with this equipment. Set up is simple, and new users will be up and welding in minutes. The pressure, which is applied by the weld head, is consistent, and will result in great welds. Welding settings can be fine tuned when the end user has the equipment, to find even better results.

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